OracleLinux 6 ELS: vim package released

TuxCare Team

December 15, 2021

changelog, OracleLinux 6 ELS

A new updated vim package within OracleLinux OS 6 ELS is now available for download from our production repository.


vim 7.4.629-5.2.el6.tuxcare.els4

  • CVE-2021-3974: fix using freed memory with regexp using a mark
  • CVE-2021-3984: fix illegal memory access when C-indenting
  • CVE-2021-3973: fix crash when using CTRL-W f without finding a file name
  • CVE-2021-4019: fix buffer overflow with long help argument
  • CVE-2021-4069: fix using freed memory in open command


yum update vim*


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