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Compliance with FIPS 140-3 from NIST is mandatory for:

  • U.S. and Canadian federal agencies
  • Government contractors
  • Companies providing services to the U.S. federal government

Certifying an operating system for this standard yourself requires significant investment, cryptographic expertise, and time.

Simplify your compliance process with TuxCare’s Extended Security Updates for AlmaLinux

You’ll gain a complete set of cryptographic packages validated by atsec, a NIST-accredited laboratory, ensuring ongoing security and stability for your regulated workloads – saving you time and resources while ensuring peace of mind.

Unlock AlmaLinux FIPS 140-3 Compliance
with Extended Security Updates (ESU)

Ensure Painless FIPS 140-3

Meet stringent US and Canadian government security standards with our FIPS-validated components, protecting against legal and financial penalties and making your products eligible for government contracts.

Accelerate Deployment
Cut Costs

Bypass the lengthy and expensive certification process by implementing pre-certified AlmaLinux FIPS packages. This speeds up your time-to-market and reduces overall project costs, giving you a competitive edge.

Maintain Compliance-Preserving

Keep your certified deployments secure with FIPS-compliant updates that fix vulnerabilities without altering validated cryptography, ensuring fast re-certification if a cryptographic vulnerability arises.

Long-Term Security and Compliance for
FIPS-Certified AlmaLinux Deployments

Extended Security Updates provide high and critical security fixes to extend the AlmaLinux
lifecycle, so you can stay on a FIPS-validated AlmaLinux minor release (currently 9.2, 9.6 and
9.10) for over six years with at least a year overlap between each ESU release.

Prevent Unpatched CVEs from Compromising Your
AlmaLinux Security Baseline Established by FIPS

Cryptographic modules are specific parts of FIPS-certified packages. Most vulnerabilities do
not affect these modules, allowing you to maintain AlmaLinux FIPS 140-3 compliance with our
FIPS-compliant security patches. If a cryptographic vulnerability arises, we will deliver a re-
certified package.

24/7/365 Technical Support Access

Get round-the-clock access to our technical support engineers. 
Our ESU support includes assistance with:

  • ESU repository setup issues
  • Package update problems (package conflicts, missing dependencies)
  • AlmaLinux FIPS and CVE-related questions
  • ePortal issues
  • AlmaLinux kernel crash issues (root cause analysis)

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