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Monthly KernelCare Update – April 2021

May 3, 2021 - TuxCare expert team

April KernelCare newsletter

Our April 2021 blog post is out. We’ve got lots to tell you about, so let’s get started. First up, we highlight UChecker, a tool that checks for vulnerable libraries in your Linux system. Next up is the monthly CVE report. This month, a 20-year-old vulnerability rears its ugly head, and a BPF code vulnerability reveals itself. Next, we’ve updated the KernelCare ePortal. This month we have a guest article about securing your non-commercial IoT devices. We also focus on two informative videos. Last but not least, CentOS AlmaLinux to receive CloudLinux support.

Recently Disclosed CVEs 

Even 20-year-old code committed to a software base might one day show a new vulnerability. With CVE-2021-22876, curl/libcurl as distributed in Centos 6, Ubuntu 16.04, and Oracle EL6 has a new vulnerability. In CVE-2021-29154, the vulnerability targets the BPF subsystem. The risk is the exploitation of network packet processing within the kernel.

IoT Update

The number of IoT devices now online is exploding, with many of them at risk because of outdated software updates. In the latest Council Post, Igor Seletskiy notes the security risks associated with non-commercial IoT devices and suggests they should be checked for security vulnerabilities.

KernelCare Updates

The KernelCare team continues its quest to deliver the most secure updating experience possible. We are pleased to announce an update to ePortal with UI improvements. Additionally, we present a Pro-Tech Show overview of rebootless patching and a Learn Linux TV video on 10 tips for hardening your Linux servers.

AlmaLinux support from CloudLinux

In May, CloudLinux will start providing multiple support options for the AlmaLinux OS – the open-source enterprise-level Linux distribution created as an alternative to CentOS! Right now, interested users can sign up to be notified about early access.

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