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TuxCare Announces Three New DevSecOps Integrations at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2022

TuxCare’s ePortal, centralized management system for large scale patch deployment, now providing API access to Ansible, Chef, Puppet


Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, National Harbor, Md. June 8, 2022  – TuxCare today announced three new DevSecOps integrations with its ePortal centralized management system. The integrations with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet are available through an API interface and provide patching and centralized license management. Patching and license management are seen as key DevSecOps workflow tools and critical components in securing Linux infrastructure that powers infrastructure for large corporations.

TuxCare’s ePortal is used in large infrastructure deployments where servers are not directly exposed to the public internet but still require strong security. The servers contact ePortal for any new patches to deploy. ePortal also provides centralized license management, with a clear and transparent view into license usage at all times.

“Our customers use a wide variety of tools to build stronger security for their cloud and on-prem systems. Integrations with key services like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet are critical, and provide immediate value to our customers in the form of saved time and increased security,” said Jim Jackson, president and Chief Revenue Officer, TuxCare. “Doing security manually is a step backwards, and providing these integrations has been highly requested. We will continue to expand the list of services that we integrate with to help TuxCare customers secure their infrastructure.”

API access to ePortal provides services like agent uninstallation and powerful query functions.This can be used, for example, to list and filter systems for reporting on third party applications. Ready-to-use Playbooks for Ansible, Recipes for Chef and Plans for Puppet can be dropped into existing workflow scripts. The provided playbooks/recipes/plans can serve as a starting point for expanded integration since they are standard APIs using JSON data.

TuxCare is speaking at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2022. Jim Jackson, President of TuxCare, will be covering “Why Johnny Can’t Patch” as part of the ETTS Series on Thursday, June 9th at 2:45pm. TuxCare is also a Silver Level exhibitor. Attendees can visit booth #573 and learn about live patching, extended lifecycle support, and Linux support services.

ePortal documentation is available here, including hardware requirements, installation instructions for Ubuntu, and more:

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