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The TuxCare Non-Profit program is on a mission to help the Linux community by supporting Non-Profit organizations that make our world a better place. We are happy to grant access to KernelCare Basic and End of Life Support Services for free, in order to support your endeavors of automating, simplifying, securing, and enhancing Linux operations. TuxCare products provide enterprises with increased flexibility by lowering maintenance expenses and improving security and compliance postures. This page contains information about the TuxCare Non-Profit Program's rules and conditions, as well as how to join.

Products You Get with the
TuxCare Non-Profit Program.

KernelCare Basic
KernelCare Basic

TuxCare’s Live Patching services provide automated security updates to the Linux kernel, shared libraries, virtualizations, databases, and ARM64-based devices, alleviating the need to reboot the systems.

End of Life Support Services
End of Life Support Services

Protect your servers and stay compliant with Extended Lifecycle Support services from TuxCare. A simple, affordable solution that reduces the amount of time you need to migrate to a supported operating system or to upgrade to the newest version of your current OS flavor.


The mission of the TuxCare Non-Profit Program is to share our knowledge and technology with the open-source non-profit community. Our KernelCare live patching service enables organizations to install security patches without disruptions or system reboots. Our Extended Life Cycle Support services assist you in mitigating risk when a Linux distribution reaches end-of-life by assuring compliance.

Only 501c3 and 501c6 U.S.-based nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply, including colleges and universities.

As part of the TuxCare Non-Profit Program, your organization can request a maximum of fifty (50) licenses to either KernelCare Basic or Extended Life-Cycle Support or a combination of both products for a combined total of fifty (50) licenses.

If the organization exceeds the limit of free licenses, it becomes a regular account, which means that the organization is required to pay for the full amount of licenses they have.

As part of submitting the application at TuxCare, it will be required to upload a current 501c3/501c6 certificate for verification.

Yes. Once you fill in the application and select the checkbox, you agree to our Terms and Conditions which authorizes TuxCare to use your name and logo for any legal business practice.

Yes. Once you select the checkbox, you agree with our Terms and Conditions. Additionally, you agree that TuxCare reserves the right to refuse to grant a no-charge license, and can refuse to grant an upgrade to an existing license, or the authorization to revoke the use of an existing license, at any time for any reason.

Only US-registered nonprofits are eligible to participate in the TuxCare Non-Profit program.

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