ClickCease Real-Time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Available: Optimized for Low-Latency

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Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is Available

Rohan Timalsina

June 24, 2024 - TuxCare expert team

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, released real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on May 30, 2024. This latest offering from Canonical promises to revolutionize real-time computing by delivering an enhanced, low-latency, and deterministic operating system tailored to meet the stringent demands of modern, time-sensitive applications.


What is Real-time Ubuntu?


Real-time Ubuntu is a variant of the Ubuntu operating system designed for applications that require lightning-fast responses and guaranteed processing times. It achieves this by modifying the standard Linux kernel with the PREEMPT_RT patch. This ensures that high-priority processes are executed first and meet deadlines with guaranteed response times. This makes Real-time Ubuntu ideal for industrial settings, robotics, telecommunications, and other fields that rely on low-latency performance.

Built on the upstream v6.8 kernel, Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS extends its optimized support for Raspberry Pi 4 and 5. This is great news for developers and enthusiasts working on time-sensitive projects with these popular single-board computers.


Industry Applications and Benefits


Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS unlocks a world of possibilities for industries relying on split-second precision and reliable performance. Here are just a few examples:

Factory Automation and Industrial Control: Real-time Ubuntu ensures precise timing for automated processes, keeping factory robots and assembly lines running smoothly.

Telecommunications: It provides the low-latency infrastructure needed for high-speed data transfer and critical communications.

Embedded Systems: From self-driving cars to smart speakers, Real-time Ubuntu offers unwavering performance for devices that require real-time processing power.

These capabilities make Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS an essential tool for any industry demanding high responsiveness and deterministic behavior.




Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is a major leap forward for applications that need precise timing. It empowers developers in manufacturing, telecommunications, and beyond to build the future of time-sensitive computing. Real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is available through Ubuntu Pro, free for personal use and small businesses with up to 5 machines.

For detailed instructions on using the real-time kernel, refer to the official Ubuntu documentation.

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The sources for this article include a story from Ubuntu Blog.

Real-Time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Available: Optimized for Low-Latency
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Real-Time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Available: Optimized for Low-Latency
Discover the power of real-time Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Learn how it revolutionizes real-time computing for time-sensitive applications.
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