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Unpatched High and
Critical-risk Vulnerabilities


Out of the CentOS Project
Support Coverage

Don’t Wait
Secure Your CentOS 7 Systems Now

Mitigate the Risk from Unpatched Vulnerabilities Now

Get immediate patches for numerous vulnerabilities
that CentOS 7 users haven’t received fixes for yet, as
leaving these vulnerabilities unpatched is a high-risk
cybersecurity strategy for your organization.

Reduce Your Vulnerability Window with Rapid SLAs 

Receive 14-day SLA security patches for all new critical
and high-risk vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with
patching policies and regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA,
FedRAMP, and more.

 If you sign up for Early Access to CentOS 7 ELS as a new TuxCare customer you will get complimentary KernelCare Enterprise live patching for vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel and shared libraries until the CentOS 7 end-of-life date arrives.

Continue Using CentOS 7 Safely with TuxCare

Instant Access to Fixes for Currently
Unpatched CVEs

Up to 5 Years of Extended Security
Patching Past EOL

Easy Implementation with a 2-Step
Installation Process

Plus, you’ll continue to receive your current vendor’s CVE patches until the CentOS 7 end-of-life date on June 30, 2024

With Extended Lifecycle Support, you also can:

Minimize your risk with fast and consistent patch delivery for all High and Critical-level vulnerabilities in your CentOS 7 systems

Strengthen the security of your operating system by gaining support for a comprehensive list of essential server packages

Track security updates, selected bug fixes, and affected packages across all architectures with qualified errata advisories

Verify your CentOS 7 system update status using our OVAL patch definitions with OpenSCAP or other OVAL-compatible tools

Why TuxCare?

The TuxCare team
combines 450+ years
of in-depth technical
knowledge of Linux
kernel development

Seasoned Linux security expertise

We have a proven track record of security patching with over 80,000 patches to date – and growing

Flexibility to support custom packages

You can request support for additional server packages that are not currently on our list

Support for mixed Linux environments

TuxCare can support environments that run multiple types of end-of-life Linux distributions

Great value at a  competitive price

ELS gives you an affordable option to maintain the security and stability of your EOL systems

Ready to Secure Your Organization’s Post-CentOS 7 Future?

Sign up for TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support 
and migrate on your own schedule!


CentOS 7 is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It is widely used by enterprises, web hosting companies, and individual developers for its stability and compatibility with RHEL’s robust set of tools and features.

Yes, you can still use CentOS 7 until June 30, 2024 with vendor-supplied security updates. After that date, the vendor-supplied patches will stop arriving. If you don’t migrate your systems to a supported distribution, then your deployed systems won’t stop running, which puts you at risk of a vulnerability exploit. You can even likely deploy new systems using CentOS 7 after the end-of-life date, but any new vulnerabilities that pop up won’t be patched by the vendor. However, if you sign up for Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) from TuxCare, you can continue to receive patches and use your CentOS 7 systems securely.

Distribution vendors may adjust the original NVD scores for CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) in open-source components impacting their products. These adjustments are based on vendor-specific factors (e.g., version or build chain), alongside their own risk assessments. When the adjusted CVE score falls below the vendor’s threshold, or if a vulnerability is deemed outside the current support lifecycle phase, the vendor may opt not to provide a patch. However, environment-specific configurations could substantially alter the lowered risk level a vendor assigns to a vulnerability.

Concurrently, if a CVE falls outside the product’s support lifecycle phase, it does not signify a reduction in danger. This simply indicates that an analysis determining whether the product is affected by this CVE was not performed. In the case of CentOS 7, the distribution vendor advises that in such scenarios it should be assumed the product is affected. Numerous unpatched High and Critical vulnerabilities exist in CentOS 7, with the majority labeled as “Out of Support Scope” status.

The official security support for CentOS 7 from the CentOS Project ends on June 30, 2024. However, with our Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) service, you can continue to receive security updates and patches beyond this date – enabling your organization to use CentOS 7 until you’re ready to plan and execute a large-scale migration, which shouldn’t be rushed.

While CentOS 7 remains a solid and stable distribution,  its end-of-life date is approaching fast. With CentOS 8 already in its end-of-life phase and no release of CentOS 9, it’s recommended to migrate to another distribution in the long run to benefit from modern features, improvements, and longer security support. However, migrating to a supported distribution can take up to a year for many organizations. Fortunately, our Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) ensures that you can securely keep using CentOS 7 while you plan a smooth and safe transition.

Choosing a successor to CentOS 7 depends on your specific needs. There are multiple options available, but many organizations seek a free RHEL-compatible distribution, like AlmaLinux, for instance, because it – and others – are very similar to CentOS 7. Also, with the AlmaLinux ELevate tool, you can migrate your CentOS 7 systems to AlmaLinux 9 seamlessly.

Other Major Enterprise Linux Distributions
with TuxCare ELS

TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support is also available for other operating systems, including:

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS Stream 8

End of life: June 2024

You can rely on Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS Stream 8 to continue receiving security updates all the way through June 2028 – so that you have enough time to migrate to another Linux distribution securely.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Debian 10

End of life: June 2024

With TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle support, you can further lengthen the lifespan of Debian 10 by adding four more years beyond the five years offered by the Debian LTS project – ensuring security updates until June 2028.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 6

End of life: December 2020

TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support gives you the same official security patches you used to get with CentOS 6, and we’ll continue to provide you with ongoing security support right through to November 2026.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 7

End of life: June 2024

CentOS 7 is going end of life in June 2024, but you can enjoy ongoing security updates through June 2029 with our Extended Lifecycle Support – buying time to plan your migration, while keeping your workload safe.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 8

End of life: December 2021

All the way through January 2026, you can rely on TuxCare for Extended Lifecycle Support to cover security updates for your CentOS 8 Linux distribution – so that you have enough time to migrate to another distro.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Oracle Linux 6

End of life: March 2021

TuxCare will deliver Extended Lifecycle Support for Oracle Linux 6 until December 2024, saving you significantly on costs compared to Oracle Linux Premier Support while providing the same vulnerability coverage.

Extended Lifecycle Support for PHP

Multiple EOL Versions

Buy yourself and your organization time to develop new production code while receiving ongoing security patches for out-of-support PHP versions with Extended Lifecycle Support to maintain the safety of your systems.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Python 2.x

End of life: January 2020

Python Extended Lifecycle Service from TuxCare breathes new life into code written for Python 2.7 so you can continue using your existing software on AlmaLinux, Rocky, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 as before.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Ubuntu 16.04

End of life: April 2021

Save on costs compared to Ubuntu Pro for Ubuntu 16.04 when you choose TuxCare Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing security maintenance, which will keep you protected for up to 4 years past the end-of-life date.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Ubuntu 18.04

End of life: June 2023

Choose TuxCare for Ubuntu 18.04 extended support and save significantly over an Ubuntu Pro subscription from Canonical, with security updates for your Ubuntu workloads lasting until April 2028.




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