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In 2020 we made the END of CentOS 6 a non-event as well, then earlier this year we did the same for Ubuntu 16 and Oracle Linux 6. We’ve been supporting older versions of Linux for years so it was easy for us to do. Today well over 100,000 End of Life Linux nodes are getting security updates and fixes from TuxCare, and that number continues to grow rapidly.
Starting in December we will extend the life of CentOS 8 for at least 4 more years. So if you’re running it now, relax. Now you have a safe haven for CentOS 8 at TuxCare and more time to plan your migrations.

Migrate off CentOS® 8 at your own pace.


Your patches and fixes will continue to flow like EOL never happened.

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  • Full compatibility

    with current infrastructure

  • Patch deployment

    through traditional package management tools

  • Rebootless service installation

    keeps infrastructure available

  • Fast patch delivery

    with SLA guarantee available for Critical CVEs

  • Patches produced by our team with

    12 years of experience

    in maintaining RHEL-based derivatives

  • Access to

    Support Services 24/7

    via ticket system

  • Peace of mind

    because we keep you EOL distro running securely

Supporting 100,000+ CentOS nodes in Enterprise

Supporting 100,000+ CentOS nodes in Enterprise

Not Just CentOS

Extended Lifecycle Support services are available for all popular EOL enterprise Linux distributions, including CentOS 6 & 8, Ubuntu 16.04, Oracle Linux 6, Debian and more.

TuxCare's Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 8 includes updates to the kernel and all other critical packages

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Have an extra 1,004 weekdays to carefully choose a suitable alternative to CentOS and migrate at your own pace. Reclaim up to 208 lost weekends to spend doing what you love instead of migrating in haste.

Frequently Asked

Extended Lifecycle Support service varies depending on the Linux OS that you are covering with extended support. Commonly you can expect Extended Lifecycle Support to last for at least three years – for example, at the time of writing, our CentOS® 6 Extended Lifecycle Support support lasts until November 2024, Oracle® Linux 6 Extended Lifecycle Support lasts until March 2025 and Ubuntu® 16.04 LTS support from TuxCare lasts until April 2025.
No. You are not migrating your operating system or making any substantive changes to the way your workload is handled. Enabling Extended Lifecycle Support Service from TuxCare involves a simple change in the location of repositories. There is no downtime and no need to restart your servers. Activating TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support will not degrade your server performance, or disrupt your operations.

Applying TuxCare Extended Lifecycle Support requires running a single command that changes the location of key repositories. More can be found in the Extended Lifecycle Support documentation.

Extended Lifecycle Support Service by TuxCare includes updates to the kernel and other critical packages such as glibc, openssh, openssl, and zlib. httpd, mysql, php. Userspace packages will also be supported. Other supported packages include: acl, acpid, at, attr, audit, authconfig, basesystem, bash, bc, blktrace, bridge-utils, busybox, bzip2, crash, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, db4-utils, device-mapper, dhclient, dhcpv6, dmidecode, dos2unix, dovecot, ed, gcc, gd, gdb, glib2, groff, info, Iptstate, logrotate, lslk, lvm2, makedev, nfs4-acl-tools, nfs-utils, nspr, ntp, opensp, pam, perl, procmail, procps, python, rcs, rds-tools, rhnlib, rsync, rsyslog, setroubleshoot, setserial, setup, sos, stunnel, tzdata, vim, wget, yum-metadata-parser, yum-rhn-plugin.

The updates and billing cycle start on January 1st, 2022. To secure your subscription, you may only sign the quote at this point. The TuxCare Team will follow up with helpful advice and any further instructions when they contact you.

Follow the CentOS® 8 migration plan at your pace - we will be keeping your infrastructure secure and compliant in the meantime

The billing cycle starts on January 1st, 2022.

  • Contact us Leave your message in a form and we will reply to it as soon as possible.
  • BOOK A MEETING Pick a date that works for you to see available times to meet with one of TuxCare engineers.

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