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Extended Lifecycle Support

Need to use end-of-life Python, PHP, CentOS, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu for a while longer? TuxCare provides the security updates until you’re ready to migrate!

Live Patching from TuxCare

With TuxCare’s live patching solutions, which work on all popular enterprise Linux distributions, you can automate vulnerability patches without needing to restart systems or schedule a hard-to-coordinate maintenance window.

  • Zero
  • Zero Downtime
  • Zero
 Patch Delays

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What Else Does TuxCare Live Patch?

Shared Libraries

Shared LibrariesWith the LibCare add-on, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

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IoT Devices

With KernelCare IoT, you can now live patch ARM64-based connected devices in IoT environments without needing to reboot them.

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DBCare from TuxCare helps keep your databases continuously available while minimizing your maintenance workload.

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Virtualization Systems

TuxCare’s QEMUCare enables automated, rebootless patching for QEMU/KVM, the hypervisor supporting OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula.

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Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS)

Building Apps with an End of Life OS or Language?

If you’re running operating systems or coding languages past their end-of-life date, like Python, PHP, CentOS, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu, TuxCare offers Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) – which delivers automated, rebootless vulnerability patches for up to four years after they’ve reached the end of their vendor-supported lifecycle.

TuxCare enables you to continue using your current software and languages to develop your applications, but on a modern platform that satisfies your compliance requirements – all while you receive automatic, no-reboot patches for high and critical vulnerabilities.

What Else Does TuxCare Live Patch?

Minimize Risk

Stop waiting to apply security patches until you're ready to restart systems and devices, which is leaving your organization vulnerable.

Accelerate Patch Timelines

Forget about taking new patches through staging, testing, and production yourself. With TuxCare, you can automate it all.

Stay Compliant

TuxCare enables you to eliminate patching delays that leave you non-compliant, so you can avoid penalties.

Stick with Your Current Workflow

Our Python-friendly API endpoint enables seamless integration with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and others.

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