ClickCease TuxCare Live Patching for Higher Education

Hacks and data loss are ever-present threats that the education sector faces, often ranking as one of the industries most impacted by attempted cyberattacks. With vast volumes of sensitive research data, it’s vital that colleges and universities quickly patch vulnerabilities that put their assets at risk.

With a live patching approach from TuxCare, higher education facilities can automate and accelerate their vulnerability patching lifecycles, allowing them to minimize their patching workload and shrink their exposure window – all without needing to reboot systems or schedule maintenance windows to apply the latest patches.

Threats to Sensitive Data

In addition to research data and sensitive personal data belonging to students and staff, learning institutions host sensitive donations information from private contributors, global corporations, and government agencies. Cybercriminals continuously attempt to steal this sensitive data by exploiting known and unknown vulnerabilities – as a breach of this information could impact future enrollment and funding opportunities.

Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, and NIST-800 Mandates

Universities are required to stay compliant with various data privacy regimes to continue to receive both federal and state funding research grants. With automated, rebootless live patching from TuxCare, these institutions can apply patches as soon as they’re available, without needing to wait for a maintenance window – enabling them to more easily stay compliant with vulnerability patching requirements.

Why TuxCare?

The healthcare industry is complex and heavily regulated. Cybercriminals benefit from stealing patient data, manipulating clinical research results, and selling stolen medical records to the highest bidders. Maintaining continuous system availability and security resilience is necessary for the healthcare DevOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams. Enabling live patching automation accelerates the deployment of critical patches and updates while integrating into existing SecOps and DevOps workflows and procedures.

TuxCare is the only provider that can live patch virtually all vulnerabilities in kernels, shared libraries, virtualization platforms, and open-source databases across all popular distributions supporting the healthcare market. With over 12 years of experience in Linux patching, TuxCare is a proven leader in live patching and risk reduction across all vertical markets, including healthcare.




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