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Partner Program Requirements.

Each partner that applies for and is accepted into the TuxCare Partner Program will be initially assigned to a level based upon TuxCare’s evaluation of whether that partner substantially meets the requirements for that tier.

Thereafter, the appropriate program level for each TuxCare partner will be assessed periodically, and a partner may be moved to a new level as a consequence of that review.

The following chart outlines the requirements to participate in the program at each level.

Requirement Referral Select Premier Tech Alliance
Partner Agreement
Achieve Annual Sales Target
Promote TuxCare Products on Website
Certified Technical Resource (P2) 1 2
Certified Sales Reps (P2) 2 4
Joint Marketing Plan
Annual Business Plan

Details for each requirement are outlined below.

All TuxCare partners are required to enter into a partner agreement. The agreement sets forth a series of terms, conditions, and operating expectations governing the conduct of TuxCare and the partner. Because the relationship involves the exchange of both intellectual property and proprietary information, the agreement includes legal and financial protections for both parties.

All TuxCare partners are required to achieve a Sales goal as established between TuxCare and the partner sales team. A partner’s level may be revised as a consequence of these reviews.

All TuxCare partners should promote TuxCare’s products on their website and social media accounts.

Select and Premier partners should have a TuxCare demo running in their environment.

Premier partners are required to have a joint marketing plan with the TuxCare Partner marketing team.

Select partners are required to create a quarterly business plan for TuxCare products and services.

Membership Overview

TuxCare Partner Program partners receive benefits that are designed to reward and recognize the commitment that they have made to the sale of TuxCare products and services, and to enhance continued sales of these products and services. The following chart outlines the benefits for each tier.

Benefits Referral Select Premier Tech Alliance
Deal Registration *
Access to Partner Portal (P2)
Discounts Off List Price higher
Demo/NFR License
Free Technical Training
Joint Marketing Activities **
Co-branded Marketing Materials
Joint Public Relations
Qualified Leads
Dedicated Sales Support
Priority Technical Support
Beta/Early Access
Executive Sponsorship

* Approved Deal Registration required for Referral Rewards
** limited and available on TuxCare approval of a marketing project plan

Details for each requirement are outlined below.

All TuxCare partners can register deals in order to qualify as the partner of record and become eligible for special discounts or Referral Rewards by emailing customer opportunity information to [email protected]. Response from TuxCare will be provided within 2 business days.

Partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Deal Protection: Channel partners are encouraged to register opportunities with TuxCare to ensure deal protection, assuming they are approved by the TuxCare channel team.
  • Additional Discounts: Channel partners will receive additional discounts off of the TuxCare MSRP on pre-approved deals that are closed.
  • Streamlined Deal Process: Channel partners who provide details of the deal during deal registration can receive additional support to help win those deals.
  • Only Referral Partners are eligible to receive a Referral Reward when TuxCare reconciles payment on a closed-won registered deal

Select and Premier partners to receive discounts off the list price. The discount level increases with each tier.

Select and Premier partners receive free Demo (Not For Resale) Licenses. These licenses will allow channel partners to demo TuxCare products.

Select and Premier partners will get free technical training so technical resources can become certified.

TuxCare makes available Market Development Funds (MDF) to partners for lead generation activities. Select and Premier partners may request MDF to support their sales and marketing strategies designed to develop joint revenue opportunities for you and TuxCare.The TuxCare Partner Marketing team will work with Select and Premier partners to provide support for joint marketing activities which include but are not limited to events, promotional materials, call, and email scripts, and other demand generation programs to help partners in successfully marketing and selling TuxCare products and solutions. Marketing benefits may also include eligibility for proposal-based co-op funds for marketing activities that support joint TuxCare and channel partner business objectives. (See TuxCare Market Development Funds (MDF) Guide)

Select and Premier partners can request custom TuxCare branded promotional materials. TuxCare allows these partners to co-brand collateral, email/direct mail campaigns, white papers, and more while maintaining the TuxCare corporate branding guidelines.

The TuxCare marketing team works with Select and Premier partners to provide support for pre-approved media activities.

TuxCare provides qualified sales leads and customer referrals to Premier partners. These leads may be used by the partner only for the purpose of selling TuxCare products and services.

Premier partners receive dedicated sales support to help close deals, based on availability.

Premier partners receive priority support for any technical issues during the sales cycle.

Premier partners are eligible to receive early access/beta copies of TuxCare’s new products and can provide feedback based on their customers’ needs and requirements.

Premier partners can receive an executive sponsor assigned from TuxCare who will be in regular communications with the partner executives to ensure the partnership is going smoothly and both parties are happy with the relationship

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