ClickCease Extended Lifecycle Support for PHP

Why do you need PHP ELS?

PHP code, like any other, will go sunset. What happens if you are not ready with the latest and greatest code update? Application attacks and exploitation attempts will occur on your websites. How can you buy yourself and your organization time to develop new production code while receiving updated security patches?

Your current PHP version is no longer supported.
Security compliance must be maintained; however, upgrades may break your code.
Your current web apps may need costly custom PHP updates to stay functional.
Working with old or poorly documented code is error-prone and leads to new bugs.
Extend the life of your hardware and software assets while conserving DevOps resources.

Why PHP End of Lifecycle Services from TuxCare?

Vulnerabilities will exist in any code, including PHP. Many vulnerabilities never become exploits. PHP is subject to zero-day attacks. ELS and live patching as an automated business process will reduce the threat vector.

Support for all major Linux OS versions including AlmaLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle, and RedHat.
Extended PHP version support for even more distribution versions.
Rapid security patches that keep your systems safe.
Setup and installation is usually a single command, giving you access to our patch repos.

Learn more about what TuxCare’s PHP End of Lifecycle Support can do for your organization

Empowering Organizations to Stay Secure and Compliant

TuxCare has delivered patches and bug fixes for various Linux distros for over 10 years.

TuxCare is approaching 1 million in production workloads secured and supported by our services.

We have over 1500 customers from multiple industries around the world.

TuxCare has patched more than 2,000 vulnerabilities without reboots over the years.

We support more than 40 Linux distributions.

Stop vulnerabilities before they become exploited.

When we took a step back and thought about what we do, we make Linux more secure, stable, and reliable at our core. We take care of Linux so organizations can comfortably and affordably use Linux to support environments requiring high cybersecurity, stability, and availability levels.


TuxCare is a suite of services that allows you to automate, simplify, and enhance your enterprise Linux operations.

  • KernelCare Enterprise – Live patching for enterprise Linux kernels with out-of-the-box integration, automation, and vulnerability scanning tools packaged with priority support and a dedicated ePortal.
  • LibraryCare – Shared library live patching.
  • KernelCare IoT – KernelCare for IoT protects ARM 64-based Linux devices with on-the-fly kernel updates and no downtime.
  • QEMUCare – QEMUCare turns the entire virtualization host patching process into a one-time agent setup, eliminating orchestration and migration of QEMU/KVM-based VMs with live patching for QEMU/KVM-based virtualization nodes.
  • DBcare – Keep your MariaDB applications up and running while your database backend is updated– enhancing database performance, reliability, security, and compliance.
  • Extended Lifecycle Support Services – Live patches and updates for all Enterprise Linux components with 24/7 incident support when you need it. Available for CentOS 6, 7 & 8, Oracle Linux 6, and Ubuntu 16.04.

Linux Support Services –  Robust support package for enterprises that use AlmaLinux OS in their production infrastructure.

TuxCare has been continuously improving the safety, consistency, and dependability of Linux and open source distributors  since 2009. We take care of Linux so that organizations can comfortably, affordably and easily use Linux to support environments that require high levels of cybersecurity, stability, and availability.

We offer monthly, yearly, and annual subscription models. We make PHP Extended Lifecycle Services very affordable, and do not require a  long-term contract. To purchase PHP Extended Lifecycle Services, we recommend scheduling a demo with our TuxCare experts. They will collect your organization’s system requirements, assist with TuxCare setup, and make sure you get the best possible pricing

No re-coding is required when leveraging our PHP Extended Lifecycle Support. We simply continue to provide you with rapid security updates, vulnerability fixes and more for your current version of PHP code.

Any code, even PHP, has vulnerabilities, and like any code PHP is susceptible to zero-day attacks. Application attacks and exploitation attempts will occur on your websites. When a manufacturer sunsets a product, they stop supporting your current version of PHP. Tuxcare’s PHP Extended Lifecycle Support quickly delivers security updates even after the manufacturer discontinues support.

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