Ubuntu® 16.04 LTS End of Life Extended Lifecycle Support

Plan the migration or upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at your own pace and keep your infrastructure protected from the common risks of running end of life Linux

Ubuntu’s LTS releases are popular due to the long support windows – but every Ubuntu LTS release reaches the end of life at some point in time. Official support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ended on April 30, 2021. If you use Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for your enterprise workloads you cannot risk running out of formal, official support for your Ubuntu servers. Relying on an unsupported distribution can turn out costly because you lose access to critical vulnerability patches. It leaves organizations open to significant Cybersecurity risks.

For enterprises with unlimited budgets, switching to the commercial support of Ubuntu might be a viable solution. However, for many organizations, this option is not realistic. Migrating to another free Linux distribution or upgrading to the next version of LTS Ubuntu is the path most enterprises take. This is challenging because organizations cannot simply switch to the latest release without thorough planning.

With the Extended Lifecycle Support service, you get the time to carefully plan your migration path from end of life Linux to the newest version.

Eliminate the need to rush into a migration plan full of risks with a
safe, trusted and easy-to-install alternative to vendor support

  • Patches available soon after CVEs go public
    The TuxCare team is famous for quickly delivering patches for critical vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) right after the CVE goes public.
  • Easy setup, no migration required
    Run a single script. No reboot is necessary, never interrupt your operations. Simply sync to a new repository file.
  • Kernel and critical package updates
    Any Extended Lifecycle Support subscription includes regular kernel updates plus updates for critical packages including Apache, PHP, MySQL, Glibc, OpenSSL/SSH.
  • Years of support
    Extended Lifecycle Support by TuxCare lasts 4 years beyond EOL dates at a minimum. It gives you ample time to migrate.
  • Attractive pricing
    Starting at $4.25 per Operating System Image, Extended Lifecycle Support is easy on IT budgets. ELS is a sensible way to buy time to migrate.



  • $4.25 Monthly
  • $43.35 Yearly(-15%)

Extended Lifecycle Support for Major
Enterprise Linux Distributions

Extended Lifecycle Support is currently available for
CentOS 6, CentOS 8, Oracle Linux 6, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 6

End of life date – November 2020

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until November 2024, giving you enough time to switch your server fleet to an alternative distribution or upgrade to the newest version of your favourite Linux flavor.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 8

End of life date – December 2021

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until December 2025, keeping end of life Linux systems secure and compliant, giving IT teams more time to make informed migration decisions.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

End of life date – March 2021

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until March 2025. Save significantly on Oracle’s Linux Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Oracle Linux 6 maintenance.

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