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Security Updates and Patching with SDN

As more organizations continue deploying SDN across on-premise and private cloud networks, the ability to patch many architecture components with the latest vulnerability patches is critical to delivering high availability and resilience.

Organizations need to keep their SDN platforms secure at all times. As companies extend their networks and applications across a multi-cloud architecture, the need for live patching automation without rebooting is essential.

TuxCare provides critical live patching to hosts and VMs within the SDN stack, enabling teams to apply patches live in memory during production operations. This way, organizations don’t need to wait until their next maintenance window to deploy patches, which would put them in a position where they’re vulnerable and non-compliant.

Extended Lifecycle Support

Many financial services applications run on PHP and Python code, and many organizations run on outdated versions of these Linux systems that no longer receive vendor-provided support. The ability to offer extended support during end-of-life (EOL) is critical, as many systems have new releases that financial services companies aren’t yet equipped to adopt.

With TuxCare Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS), financial services providers and fintech companies running on an unsupported Linux distribution can protect their servers and stay compliant while buying themselves the time they need to migrate to a vendor-supported operating system.

Why TuxCare?

Waiting to apply security patches until you’re ready to restart systems and devices is leaving your organization vulnerable and putting your compliance posture at risk. TuxCare’s live patching solutions protect your Linux systems by rapidly eliminating vulnerabilities with no need to wait for maintenance windows or downtime. With TuxCare, IT teams can automate the process of taking new patches through staging, testing, and production on all popular Linux distributions.

TuxCare features flawless interoperability with vulnerability scanners, security sensors, and automation and reporting tools, as well as our ePortal management platform – a dedicated private patch server that runs inside your firewall on-premise or in the cloud.

TuxCare is the only provider that can live patch virtually all vulnerabilities in kernels, shared libraries, virtualization platforms, and open-source databases across all popular distributions.

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