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Stolen medical files are being sold online for large sums of money, making your patients’ sensitive data a high-value target for hackers. Maintaining proper patching and security updates is critical to reducing the risk of data exfiltration.

Fortunately, healthcare providers, hospitals, and medical device companies can leverage vulnerability patching automation – or live patching – to put their security updates on autopilot, accelerate their patching lifecycles, and shrink their vulnerability exposure windows.

Patching without Reboots or Downtime

Many medical systems run Linux within Docker containers, legacy on–premise systems, and cloud-based platforms. These hosts are critical to the delivery of EMR applications, but – with a conventional patching approach – must be rebooted to apply vulnerability patches.

With TuxCare, however, healthcare providers can automatically deploy patches to the Linux OS and other vital hosts without rebooting systems or needing to schedule a maintenance window – helping healthcare organizations maintain uptime and avoid patching-related service interruptions.

Patching Where is Counts for HIPAA

Live patching is not a requirement for organizations to maintain their HIPAA compliance status. However, data breaches and system unavailability will impact the organization’s HIPAA compliance status – resulting in a loss of trust of their patients and medical partners. Ultimately, live patching provides the needed adaptive security protection against vulnerabilities becoming exploited, which can result in data loss.

Why TuxCare?

The healthcare industry is complex and heavily regulated. Cybercriminals benefit from stealing patient data, manipulating clinical research results, and selling stolen medical records to the highest bidders. Maintaining continuous system availability and security resilience is necessary for the healthcare DevOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams. Enabling live patching automation accelerates the deployment of critical patches and updates while integrating into existing SecOps and DevOps workflows and procedures.

TuxCare is the only provider that can live patch virtually all vulnerabilities in kernels, shared libraries, virtualization platforms, and open-source databases across all popular distributions supporting the healthcare market. With over 12 years of experience in Linux patching, TuxCare is a proven leader in live patching and risk reduction across all vertical markets, including healthcare.

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