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Automating an outdated process is always a good idea – especially
when it means your organization receives Linux vulnerability patches
faster and more efficiently

Adopt Live Patching to:

  •  Minimize Downtime
  •  Streamline Cybersecurity
  •  More Easily Maintain

Live patching automates critical updates, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance.

Maintain compliance with industry regulations that mandate timely security updates, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Eliminate after-hours security maintenance to significantly lower operational costs and free up valuable resources that can be invested back into core business initiatives.

Keep Your IT & SOC Teams Agile by Reducing Their
Patching-Related Workloads – So They Can Remain
Flexible, Responsive, and Adaptive

What Is Live Patching?

Live patching is a Linux vulnerability patching approach that enables businesses to apply security updates to their systems in real time without the need for system reboots, ensuring continuous uptime and compliance without causing end-user disruptions.

Ready to Modernize Your Linux Security?

Talk to a TuxCare Linux security expert to chat about how KernelCare can keep your
organization’s unique environment patched without downtime or disrutions

Read Our Live Patching Guide

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Ensure the security of your critical systems without
sacrificing excellent customer experience or
business continuity

Why TuxCare?

TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise

  • Delivers live patches to most popular Linux distributions
  • Organizations cut costs drastically by implementing TuxCare’s affordable live patching option
  • Users can truly go rebootless by extending live patching to shared libraries, IoT devices, QEMU, and more

Distro Vendor Live Patching

  • Only delivers live patches to a specific distribution or small number of related distributions
  • Users must purchase pricey premium support packages to add live patching
  • Users often still need to reboot to apply patches to shared libraries

What Else Does TuxCare Live Patch?

Shared Libraries

With the LibCare add-on, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

Learn More


DBCare from TuxCare keeps databases continuously available while minimizing your maintenance workload.

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IoT Devices

With KernelCare IoT, you can now live patch ARM64-based connected devices in IoT environments without needing to reboot them.

Learn More

Using an End-of-Life Linux Distribution?

TuxCare delivers vulnerability patches to several end-of-life Linux distributions, including CentOS 6, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, CentOS Stream 8, Debian 10, Ubuntu 16.04,  Ubuntu 18.04, Oracle Linux 6, and software languages including Python, PHP, and Java.

Using AlmaLinux? Try Our Enterprise Support!

Extend your security lifecycle to 16 years and elevate your AlmaLinux experience with affordable commercial support from TuxCare, which includes live patching, break-and-fix support, extended security updates with continuous FIPS compliance, and pay-as-you-go application support. 

Ready to Embrace Automated Security Patching? 

Talk to a TuxCare Linux security expert to get started with KernelCare Enterprise


Live patching by TuxCare allows your organization to apply critical security updates to your systems’ kernels without the need to reboot. This means enhanced security with minimal downtime, ensuring business continuity and compliance with security standards.

TuxCare’s live patching is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of systems and applications. Our patches are rigorously tested for compatibility, reducing the risk of conflicts and ensuring smooth operation of your business-critical applications.

ELS is a TuxCare service that provides continued security updates for end-of-life Linux distributions. It’s ideal for businesses that run critical applications on platforms that are no longer supported by the original vendor, ensuring they remain secure and compliant.

Unlike traditional support, TuxCare’s ELS continues to deliver security patches even after the official maintenance window has closed, extending the lifecycle of your infrastructure and protecting your investment.

TuxCare provides Enterprise Support for AlmaLinux, ensuring enterprise-grade stability and security. This includes 24/7 support, proactive security patches, and updates tailored to the needs of businesses.

TuxCare offers comprehensive support and training materials, including detailed documentation, webinars, and access to a dedicated team of support engineers to assist with your transition and ongoing operations.




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