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Win the race against successful vulnerability exploits by adopting live patching –
an automated, non-disruptive patching technique that enables organizations to
apply CVE patches without needing to wait to coordinate and babysit a reboot.

No unnecessary delays.
No end-user disruptions.
No headaches.

Rapidly deploy ALL the latest CVE patches as soon as they become available, so you don’t need to wait for a hard-to-coordinate maintenance operation

Automate the deployment of all the latest Linux CVEs so that they happen in the background, without disruptions, while your systems are running

No more time is wasted figuring out which patches to spend time on first – deploy them all as each one is released in real time

CVE Patching Automation that Doesn’t Impact
System Stability or Performance

Stop Babysitting Reboots

KernelCare Enterprise eliminates the need for IT staff to monitor
systems during reboots, freeing them for other tasks

Avoid Burnout & Streamline Processes

Ease the stress on your team and preserve resources by avoiding the
lengthy risk analysis and coordination between different
departments involved in your current patching approach

Ready to Patch Faster, Automatically?

Talk to a TuxCare Linux security expert to chat about how KernelCare can keep your
vulnerability exposure windows to the bare minimum.

Read Our Live Patching Guide

Watch Our Live Patching Webinar

Don’t Want to Spend a Ton of Time Implementing a New Tool?

KernelCare Enterprise is simple (and quick) to add to your toolkit – all you need is a
short installation script and a few customization steps, then you will start
automatically receiving non-disruptive CVE patches.

Why TuxCare?

TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise

  • Delivers live patches to most popular Linux distributions
  • Organizations cut costs drastically by implementing TuxCare’s affordable live patching option
  • Users can truly go rebootless by extending live patching to shared libraries, IoT devices, QEMU, and more

Distro Vendor Live Patching

  • Only delivers live patches to a specific distribution or small number of related distributions
  • Users must purchase pricey premium support packages to add live patching
  • Users often still need to reboot to apply patches to shared libraries

What Else Does TuxCare Live Patch?

Shared Libraries

With the LibCare add-on, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

Learn More


DBCare from TuxCare keeps databases continuously available while minimizing your maintenance workload.

Learn More

IoT Devices

With KernelCare IoT, you can now live patch ARM64-based connected devices in IoT environments without needing to reboot them.

Learn More

Using an End-of-Life Linux Distribution?

TuxCare delivers vulnerability patches to several end-of-life Linux distributions, including CentOS 6, CentOS 7, CentOS 8, CentOS Stream 8, Debian 10, Ubuntu 16.04,  Ubuntu 18.04, Oracle Linux 6, and software languages including Python, PHP, and Java.

Using AlmaLinux? Try Our Enterprise Support!

Extend your security lifecycle to 16 years and elevate your AlmaLinux experience with affordable commercial support from TuxCare, which includes live patching, break-and-fix support, extended security updates with continuous FIPS compliance, and pay-as-you-go application support. 

Ready to Automate Your CVE Patching? 

Talk to a TuxCare Linux security expert to get started with KernelCare Enterprise


Live patching allows you to update your systems’ kernels without needing to reboot. This means you can apply critical security patches immediately without interrupting your services. It’s a proactive measure that ensures vulnerabilities are patched as they are discovered, maintaining a strong security posture.

TuxCare’s ELS provides continued security updates for Linux distributions that have reached their end-of-life phase. This means you receive important security patches and updates even after the official support has ended, allowing you to maintain compliance and security standards without disrupting your IT infrastructure.

TuxCare helps ensure that your systems are up to date with the latest security patches, which is often a requirement in regulatory frameworks. By providing live patching and extended support for EOL systems, we help you stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

Yes, live patching can be integrated into your SOC workflows. Our solutions are designed to work with your existing security information and event management (SIEM) systems, providing seamless updates and ensuring that your SOC team is alerted to all relevant security events.

TuxCare’s live patches undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes before being released. We understand the critical nature of these updates and ensure that they do not interfere with running services or system stability.

TuxCare’s solutions are platform agnostic, offering comprehensive support for mixed-environment infrastructures that include various Linux distributions. Our tools and services can manage and secure diverse systems, providing a unified approach to patch management and security.




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