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Maintaining Agility with Live Patching

A DevOps approach helps rid enterprises of communication barriers between development and operations teams, accelerating the software delivery lifecycle and making it easier to collaborate. Additionally, with the CI/CD DevOps model, teams are rapidly deploying changes to their applications and adding new features to meet market demand as quickly as they can.

This approach has become the industry standard, and enterprise DevOps teams now find themselves needing tools to adapt their deployment models – with security being a critical component to sustaining their agility.

With TuxCare’s live patching tool, KernelCare, teams can automatically apply the latest security patches without rebooting. By automating vulnerability patching and shrinking their risk windows, DevOps teams can avoid the typically prolonged patching process and further bolster their accelerated software deployment lifecycle.

Extended Lifecycle Support

For DevOps teams running operating systems past their vendor-supported lifecycle, TuxCare also provides market-leading Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) for Python, PHP, CentOS, and many other open source projects – which is critical to keeping outdated operating systems secure for up to four years after end of life (EOL). Extending lifecycle support for applications no longer supported by the manufacturer is critical to the overall success of DevOps, SecOps, NetSecOps, and risk management teams – buying them the time they

Why TuxCare?

Waiting to apply security patches until you’re ready to restart systems and devices is leaving your organization vulnerable and putting your compliance posture at risk. TuxCare’s live patching solutions protect your Linux systems by rapidly eliminating vulnerabilities with no need to wait for maintenance windows or downtime. With TuxCare, IT teams can automate the process of taking new patches through staging, testing, and production on all popular Linux distributions.

TuxCare features flawless interoperability with vulnerability scanners, security sensors, and automation and reporting tools, as well as our ePortal management platform – a dedicated private patch server that runs inside your firewall on-premise or in the cloud.

TuxCare is the only provider that can live patch virtually all vulnerabilities in kernels, shared libraries, virtualization platforms, and open-source databases across all popular distributions.

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