ClickCease KernelCare IoT - Automated Patching for Connected Devices

Put your vulnerability patching on autopilot for ARM64-based devices

Minimize Downtime

Apply patches automatically while IoT devices are running

Protect Your Enterprise

Keep the IoT entry points secured with the latest vulnerability

Eliminate Maintenance Windows

Say goodbye to scheduling system restarts just to deploy a CVE patch

Accelerate Patching Timelines

Shrink your exposure window by applying patches sooner

To maintain their security posture, organizations need to keep every connected component within their enterprise IoT environment updated with the latest vulnerability patches – which traditionally meant taking those IoT devices out of production to restart them and apply a patch.

Not with TuxCare. Our KernelCare IoT solution automatically applies the latest vulnerability patches while connected devices are running, enabling organizations to automate patch deployment throughout their entire IoT ecosystems without needing to schedule downtime or reboot individual devices.

Supported Distributions
Supported Chipsets
Integrates with

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub


Each IoT deployment is unique, so TuxCare offers a free
Proof of Concept evaluation for enterprise IoT users

What Else Does TuxCare Live Patch?

Shared Libraries

With the LibCare add-on, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

Learn more

Virtualization Systems

TuxCare’s QEMUCare enables automated, rebootless patching for QEMU/KVM, the hypervisor supporting OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula.

Learn more

Why TuxCare?

We’ve released over 100,000 patches – and growing – without reboots

Infrastructure agnostic: on-premise or cloud compatible

Out-of-the-box integration with automation tools, vulnerability scanners, and more

Deployment assistance and 24/7 priority support 365 days a year

Ready to say goodbye to patching-related
downtime and maintenance windows?




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