ClickCease Data Breach: Operations Halted Amid Security Concerns

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Wajahat Raja

August 24, 2023 - TuxCare expert team is a third-party platform renowned for its customized invite services. It has recently taken decisive action to stop its operations in the aftermath of the data breach. As a result of this incident, the personal information of almost 760,000 users was made public, alarming the community. 

Let’s investigate the specifics of this incident and the precautions users can take to protect their personal data.

The Specifics of Data Breach


Cyberattack leads to suspension of, a distinct entity from the official Discord platform. Sensitive information belonging to 760,000 users was improperly exposed as a result of this breach. had a thriving community of 14,000 users and was mostly used by server admins to make personalized invitations for their channels. Its dedicated Discord server served as the platform’s main communication hub.

Decrypting the Breach


When a user going by the handle “Akhirah” displayed the database on the newly-emerging hacking site Breached, the breach came to light. Four user profiles were supplied from the stolen information as evidence of the incident. A well-known cybercrime forum’s replacement, Breached, specializes in exchanging and sharing data collected from similar breaches.

The hacked data breach dataset, according to ‘Akhirah,’ contains a variety of user attributes, such as user IDs, icons, authentication information, administrative rights, email addresses, usernames, hashed passwords, and more. The following user attributes were specifically highlighted by the hacker.


Consequences of the Breach


The exposure of users’ sensitive information, including usernames, email addresses, specific billing details, salted and hashed passwords, and individual Discord IDs, has generated significant worries and concerns within the online community. 

Given that it can be viewed by users who share a server, this information may not be fully secret. But its inclusion in the hack highlights the possibility of connecting Discord accounts to particular email addresses. That’s the reason why this privacy breach prompts to cease operations.

The Response of


The discovery of the vulnerability is explained via a timeline on the website, which traces it back to a post on a hacking forum. rapidly verified the accuracy of the exposed data in reaction to the breach. suspends operations after data breach and announced the decision via its website and Discord channel. shuts down temporarily following data breach and has started the process of canceling all premium memberships too.

The Path Ahead


Users of must take precautions to safeguard their personal information despite the perpetrator’s attempts to sell the database. The revealed email addresses provide a possible concern, even though encrypted passwords add an extra layer of security. Hackers might use this information in phishing schemes to try and collect more private information.

Here are some steps helpful in mitigating the risk:

  1. Stay Alert: Users should be on the lookout for unforeseen emails, especially ones that request passwords or other sensitive information.
  2. Monitor Official Website: Check the official website of frequently for information on potential password changes and official messages from the platform, especially on the #breach-notification channel.
  3. Password Update: It is advised that users immediately change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication to increase the security of their accounts.



The Data Breach serves as a reminder of how vitally important data protection is in the digital world. Users must take proactive measures to secure their information while the platform works to resolve the issue and ensure user safety. Users may manage the fallout from this incident and improve their online security posture by remaining informed, vigilant, and proactive.

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Summary Data Breach: Operations Halted Amid Security Concerns
Article Name Data Breach: Operations Halted Amid Security Concerns
Stay informed about the data breach. Operations paused due to security concerns. Protect your information and get the latest updates to stay ahead.
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