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What is KernelCare Enterprise?

KernelCare Enterprise live patching enhances your vulnerability patching program by providing live patches to the Linux kernel and, optionally, with add-ons to critical userspace components, as well as the virtualization stack.

The systems are patched according to your patch deployment policy, allowing you to customize your patch management to align with the needs of your unique environment, whether online or in an air-gapped environment. Plus, your vulnerability reports reduce in size quickly as KernelCare seamlessly integrates with all popular vulnerability scanners to give you an accurate vulnerability exposure report.

Accelerate your vulnerability patching timeline

In large organizations, the separation of duties and different system ownership make security patching a challenging task. According to Ponemon Institute, 56% of enterprise organizations take from five weeks to more than one year to apply security patches. At the same time, high risk vulnerabilities appear at unexpected times.

Instead of spending time identifying the responsible teams and deliberating on patching and restarting the vulnerable servers during the next maintenance window, KernelCare Enterprise live patching enables you to patch systems as soon as the fix is available – shrinking the vulnerability patching window to the absolute minimum.

Eliminate downtime and maintenance windows

Many organizations have settled for monthly or quarterly maintenance windows where systems are updated, services are restarted, and servers are rebooted. That time consuming process ensures the latest vulnerability fixes are applied, but at the cost of service downtime and, most importantly, at the expense of using human capital on mundane tasks.

With KernelCare Enterprise, you can eliminate maintenance windows or set them to what makes sense for your business, whether it is 12 months apart or after several years of uptime. Eliminate downtime from your infrastructure and use your engineering resources where it matters by live patching vulnerabilities with KernelCare.

Reduce workload with wide vulnerability 
coverage and integration

With KernelCare Enterprise, all the impactful Linux kernel and critical userspace vulnerabilities are patched. That includes all known vulnerabilities with available fixes, irrespective of severity. We understand that the CVSS score does not translate to risk without an analysis for each individual environment.

This significantly reduces time spent on analyzing system vulnerability data by making sure that these vulnerabilities do not show up in your vulnerability scanner at all. Our customers have kept their systems running for more than eight years with zero downtime while all impactful vulnerability patches have been applied.

Secure the Linux Kernel, System, and Virtualization Infrastructure

Kernelcare Enterprise comes with KernelCare Linux kernel live patching and optional add-ons
that enhance the security coverage of your Linux infrastructure.


  • Reduces your time to patch the Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  • Patches the kernel while it runs
  • Available for x86-64 and ARM64
  • Available for all major Linux distributions


  • Enhances your vulnerability patching with critical user space components (glibc, OpenSSL)
  • Patches all applications while they run, including in containers
  • Available for x86-64
  • Available for all major Linux distributions


  • Reduces your time to patch time the virtual machine hypervisor
  • Vulnerabilities are patched without restarting the VMs
  • Compatible with OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula
  • Available for x86-64
  • Available for AlmaLinux, Centos 7, Debian 11 and more

KernelCare Enterprise Pricing

KernelCare Linux Kernel
Live Patching

per year / per server

LibCare Add-on

for critical userspace component live
patching (glibc & OpenSSL)

per year / per server

QEMUCare add-on

for virtualization live patching

Linux Kernel Live Patching in a Nutshell

When a vulnerability is discovered, we prepare a fix for the Linux kernel. The fix is then combined with all previous vulnerability fixes to form a live patch. Once the live patch passes our rigorous internal testing process, it is distributed to KernelCare Enterprise systems. When the KernelCare systems receive the live patch, it is loaded by a special kernel module. The module detects when the old vulnerable code is not in use and then it momentarily pauses the kernel and replaces the old code with the new non-vulnerable code.

Ready to try seamless live patching without server reboots?

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Dedicated ePortal server that runs inside your firewall lets you decide how and what patches are rolled out across your organization.


Flawless interoperability with automation tools, vulnerability scanners and cloud infrastructure monitoring services including Nessus, Qualys, Rapid7, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Datadog, Tanium and Crowdstrike.


Setup assistance, priority support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TuxCare Live Patching Services Available for
All Major Linux Distributions

With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare and with both x86-64 and ARM64 CPUs,
IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant, without service interruptions.

For a complete list of supported systems, visit this page

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