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KernelCare ePortal 1.21-1 update and UI improvements

April 13, 2021 - TuxCare PR Team

KernelCare ePortal 1.21-1 update and UI improvements

ePortal is KernelCare Enterprise’s solution for deployments where the machines that need to receive the updates have restricted internet access, serving as a central staging point of delivery for patches, thus reducing exposure of internal resources to outside access.


The KernelCare team is proud to announce the release of ePortal 1.21-1, with many UI improvements and often requested functionality added. One such feature is the ability to control and receive only patches for a specific subset of KernelCare’s supported list of distributions, for example for environments where only one or two different distributions are used. 

With this release, it is now possible to easily pick and choose which distributions you want to store patches for in ePortal:

Eportal - distribution selection screen


This allows for significant storage space savings as well as lower network bandwidth usage overall. You have further detailed information about this feature in the documentation here.


Additionally, you can now control specific patchset usage and deployment straight from the web interface, giving you an overview of the number of servers which have received a specific patchset, which ones you have available for download to your ePortal deployment and providing easy management for each of them.

Patchset selection


This way, if you have such requirements, you can maintain your servers up to a certain patch level, for example, while you perform tests on more recent ones to ensure your specific needs are met. 


Each patchset can further be configured through the web interface:

Specific patchset management

For further information and command-line interface (CLI) deployment information if you prefer it over the web interface can be found here.


With these changes, the KernelCare team facilitates management and deployment of ePortal, alleviating the requirements and enhancing the product functionality as suggested by our customers.

If you have any feedback on these changes or any further suggestions for improvements, we would love to hear from you.


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