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KernelCare for VMware Cloud on AWS

June 10, 2019 - TuxCare PR Team

KernelCare for VMware Cloud on AWS

KernelCare, the multiplatform Linux kernel live patching solution, now validated by VMware for customers of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are proud to announce that our popular Linux kernel security patching product, KernelCare, has been officially validated, and is available for customers of VMware Cloud™ on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

VMware Cloud is VMware’s enterprise virtualization suite, built especially for Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure. VMware Cloud on AWS is the natural choice for mission-critical, always-on application services, offering distributed load balancing, dynamic resource allocation, and easy management.

Linux kernel vulnerability patch releases make system administrators shut down their servers and interrupt customer service because security patching Linux kernels can’t be done without restarting the OS. With KernelCare, Linux servers, be they cloud-based or bare-metal, remain safe and compliant, without suffering downtime. KernelCare automatically installs Linux kernel security patches without rebooting. That means zero downtime and automated management of security patching of Linux kernels. Linux-based servers on VMware Cloud on AWS no longer need to suffer availability degradation or downtime. KernelCare eliminates security patch reboot cycles from maintenance programs by automatically updating Linux cores without shutting them down.

Since its launch in 2014, KernelCare has grown steadily to become a trusted name in live patching for Linux servers. Big-name web hosting companies were first to see the benefits of live patching. Other companies with large server farms, Dell among them, also joined.

The validation of KernelCare for use on the VMware Cloud platform for AWS, coming soon after the news of AWS’ awarding ‘Advanced Technology Partner’ status to KernelCare, further cements the role of Linux kernel live patching not only as an essential tool for maintaining stability and availability but also as an essential part of a robust and comprehensive security policy. Keeping server software up to date is a core part of compliance certifications such as SOC 2. Adopting a live patching solution lessens the headaches associated with auditing and maintaining software patches for compliance.

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You can learn more on how we passed the validation process from Vitaly Daragan, KernelCare developer, right in this article.

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