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Microsoft Scattered Spider Warning: Ransomware Alert

Wajahat Raja

November 6, 2023 - TuxCare expert team

In the ever-evolving world of cybercrime, a formidable adversary is on the rise – Octo Tempest, a group of native English-speaking hackers who have transitioned from SIM swapping and cryptocurrency fraud to a more sinister game, cyber extortion. Their rapid ascent has caught the attention of cybersecurity experts, including those at Microsoft, who have been closely monitoring their activities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the emergence of the Microsoft Scattered Spider warning and the evolution of Octo Tempest, their partnership with the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware operation, their sophisticated tactics, and the industries they are targeting.


The Genesis of Octo Tempest

Around 18 months ago, Octo Tempest first made its mark in the cyber underworld. Initially, their exploits centered on SIM swapping and
hijacking cryptocurrency accounts. By early 2023, they had expanded their horizons, setting their sights on larger organizations, including prominent tech companies. Their modus operandi was simple but devastating – steal data and hold it for ransom.

Microsoft Scattered Spider Warning: A Dangerous Affiliation

The turning point came in mid-2023 when Octo Tempest entered into an unholy alliance with the infamous ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware-as-a-service operation. This partnership enabled them to tap into the dark web leak site maintained by the ransomware crew. According to the
Microsoft Scattered Spider alert, this collaboration marked a significant shift in Octo Tempest’s history.

A Wide Range of Targets

Octo Tempest didn’t stop at merely targeting tech companies. They progressively expanded their scope to include various industries such as natural resources, gaming, hospitality, consumer products, retail, managed service providers, manufacturing, law, technology, and financial services. Their reach knows no bounds.

Uncertain Connections

Spider warning from Microsoft
suggests that Octo Tempest may have connections with the UNC3944 (also known as Scattered Spider or 0ktapus) collective. Given their affiliation with ALPHV/BlackCat, it’s reasonable to suspect that they might have played a role in the September 2023 Las Vegas casino heists and other attacks on identity and access management (IAM) specialist Okta. However, there is no concrete evidence linking them to ongoing attacks on cybersecurity firms like 1Password, BeyondTrust, and Cloudflare.

Octo Tempest’s Technical Proficiency

Octo Tempest is no run-of-the-mill hacking group. Microsoft’s research highlights their technical prowess and organized approach. They employ a broad array of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to achieve their objectives.

Social Engineering at the Forefront

One of Octo Tempest’s standout techniques is social engineering, particularly aimed at IT support and help desk personnel. They delve deep into their victims’ backgrounds, tailoring their attacks to exploit personal information. In some instances, they’ve gone as far as mimicking the victim’s speaking style on phone calls.

Fear-Mongering Tactics

Octo Tempest doesn’t hesitate to employ fear-mongering tactics. Microsoft shared screenshots of a gang member threatening a victim’s family, underlining the seriousness of their threats.

Privilege Escalation

They frequently escalate their privileges through SIM swapping or by taking over employees’ phone numbers to initiate self-service password resets. Social engineering the help desk to reset admin passwords is another route they take.

Actions Within Victim Environments

Once inside a victim’s environment, Octo Tempest is relentless. They engage in actions such as bulk-exporting user, group, and device information. They enumerate data and resources available to the compromised user’s profile. 

Their curiosity extends to network architecture, employee onboarding, remote access methods, credential policies, and vaults. Multi-cloud environments, code repositories, server, and backup management infrastructure are also on their radar.

Evading Detection

Octo Tempest skillfully evades detection by disabling security products and features and leveraging publicly available security tools. They ensure persistence on endpoints through remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools.

Ultimately, Octo Tempest’s goal is to steal data and deploy ransomware, typically using a variant of the ALPHV/BlackCat locker. The data they pilfer depends on their level of access and capability.


Understanding Microsoft Scattered Spider Techniques

One of the most intriguing aspects of Octo Tempest’s operations is their use of the Azure Data Factory platform and automated processes for exfiltrating data to their own Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) servers. This approach allows them to camouflage their activities as legitimate big data operations. They have also been observed registering legitimate Microsoft 365 backup solutions, such as CommVault and Veeam, to expedite the exfiltration of SharePoint document libraries.

How To Deal With Spider Warning By Microsoft

Unmasking Octo Tempest proves to be a formidable challenge for cybersecurity defenders. Their use of social engineering, living-off-the-land techniques, and an array of diverse tools makes them elusive adversaries. While
detailed technical information on these techniques is available from Microsoft, here are some general guidelines for defenders:

  1. Vigilant Monitoring: Consistently monitor network traffic, user behavior, and system activity to spot unusual patterns and anomalies.
  2. User Authentication: Implement multi-factor authentication to fortify user accounts and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Security Training: Train employees to recognize social engineering attempts and phishing attacks, making them less susceptible to manipulation.
  4. Patch Management: Keep software and systems up to date with the latest security patches to close vulnerabilities.
  5. Incident Response Plan: Develop a robust incident response plan to react swiftly in case of a breach, minimizing potential damage.
  6. Collaborative Intelligence: Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, threat intelligence organizations, and cybersecurity communities to share information and improve threat awareness.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and enhance security measures to stay one step ahead of evolving threats.


In conclusion, Octo Tempest’s rapid rise and sophisticated tactics present a severe challenge to organizations and cybersecurity experts. As they continue to evolve, staying informed, vigilant, and proactive against
Microsoft Spider Warning implications is crucial to defending against their threats. With a commitment to these principles and a collaborative effort to share knowledge and expertise, the cybersecurity community can work together to mitigate the risks posed by this dangerous cybercriminal group.

The sources for this piece include articles in The Hacker News and Computer Weekly


Microsoft Scattered Spider Warning: Ransomware Alert
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Microsoft Scattered Spider Warning: Ransomware Alert
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