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TuxCare has added support for Rocky Linux

August 16, 2021 - TuxCare PR Team

TuxCare services already cover over 40 Linux distributions commonly found in Enterprise environments. These range from CentOS to Debian, and over the years, the list has been steadily increasing, either through meeting specific customer requirements or by following market trends and identifying new distributions with potential impact on this space. Continuing this trend, the TuxCare Team is proud to announce that it is adding support for Rocky Linux, a CentOS replacement distribution, to its Live Patching service, KernelCare Enterprise.


With this support, TuxCare will provide patches for running kernels on Rocky Linux, increasing system availability and security by enabling faster deployment of security patches and fixes without rebooting or otherwise affecting the regular operation of the system.


TuxCare has already prepared the patches for CVE-2020-26541, CVE-2021-22555, CVE-2021-32399, CVE-2021-33034 and CVE-2021-33909. Their roll-out begins today. Find out more.


TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise is the reliable, Enterprise-grade Live Patching tool of choice for thousands of customers, with close to 1 million protected systems worldwide. Each patch deployed through KernelCare Enterprise has to be custom designed and developed to perfectly fit the memory space of each Kernel version for each supported Linux distribution. A very high level of automation performs hundreds of tests on each patch before deployment, ensuring that they indeed fix the security issues, and moreover, don’t negatively impact system functionality. This degree of customisation means that, for each new distribution added to the supported list, many elements have to be adjusted in the patch development process, as well as the test and deployment stages.


Similar to other CentOS alternatives like AlmaLinux OS, preparing patches for the Linux Kernel and shared libraries shipped with those distributions is made easier by their similarity with CentOS and RHEL. We have been covering these distributions with our service for several years and for which we have extensive build and test tooling available. This ensures that patches have a high degree of quality and customers can trust that, for the new supported distribution, it will continue to be easy to deploy, manage and include reporting for the whole process.


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