KernelCare agent updated – version 2.47-1 is available

TuxCare Team

June 29, 2021


We are pleased to announce that a new updated KernelCare agent version 2.47-1 is now available.


  •  KPT-1430: scanner-interface: check malloc results
  • KPT-1513: libcare: fix inconsistent output of libcare-client info
  • KPT-1528: scanner-interface: chmod for a profile file
  • KPT-1567: add a timestamp to state file
  • KPT-1568: libcare: fix info message for `not patched` cases
  • KPT-1577: send acknowledgment request after kcarectl -u
  • KPT-1579: QEMU patches support


yum update kernelcare

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