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OracleLinux 6 ELS: kernel v. 2.6.32-754.35.2 released

August 16, 2021 - TuxCare PR Team

A new updated OracleLinus 6 kernel v.2.6.32-754.35.2 within OracleLinux 6 ELS is now available for download from our production repository.



  • ELS-138: netfilter: x_tables: add missing tables zeroing
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-33909: seq_file: disallow extremely large seq buffer allocation
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-22555: netfilter: x_tables: fix compact match/target pad out-of-bound write
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-29661: tty: Fix ->pgrp locking in tiocspgrp()
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-25656: vt: keyboard, extend func_buf_lock to readers
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-25656: tty/vt: fix write/write race in ioctl(KDSKBSENT) handler
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-25656: vt: keyboard, simplify vt_kdgkbsent
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-25211: netfilter: ctnetlink: add a range check for l3/l4 protonum
  • ELS-138: CKSIX-276: CVE-2019-19532: HID: Fix assumption that devices have inputs
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-27365: scsi: iscsi: Ensure sysfs attributes are limited to PAGE_SIZE
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-27365: scsi: iscsi: Verify lengths on passthrough PDUs
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-27363: CVE-2021-27364: scsi: iscsi: Restrict sessions and handles to admin capabilities
  • ELS-138: sysfs: Add sysfs_emit and sysfs_emit_at to format sysfs output
  • ELS-138: USB: hso: Fix OOB memory access in hso_probe/hso_get_config_data
  • ELS-138: CVE-2019-14615: drm/i915/gen9: Clear residual context state on context switch
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-8647, CVE-2020-8649: vgacon: Fix a UAF in vgacon_invert_region
  • ELS-138: CVE-2020-14331: vgacon: Fix for missing check in scrollback handling
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-3347: futex: Handle faults correctly for PI futexes
  • ELS-138: CVE-2021-3347: futex: Provide and use pi_state_update_owner()
  • ELS-138: KEYS: allow reaching the keys quotas exactly
  • ELS-138: KEYS: reaching the keys quotas correctly
  • ELS-138: fix -ENOMEM result with invalid user space pointer in sendto() syscall
  • ELS-138: CVE-2017-18344: posix-timer: Properly check sigevent->sigev_notify
  • ELS-138: CVE-2018-6927: futex: Prevent overflow by strengthen input validation
  • ELS-138: CVE-2017-6951: KEYS: Change the name of the dead type to “.dead” to prevent user access
  • ELS-138: CVE-2017-15299: KEYS: don’t let add_key() update an uninstantiated key
  • ELS-138: fix CVE-2016-9604
  • ELS-138: KEYS: add missing permission check for request_key() destination
  • ELS-138: CVE-2017-10661: timerfd: Protect the might cancel mechanism proper
  • ELS-138: fix CVE-2017-7472
  • ELS-138: fix CVE-2017-15274


yum update kernel-*




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