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TuxCare Pricing and Payment Terms

You can find the pricing under the Billing section in Your account. Payment terms are described below depending on the account type:

Key-based licensing account IP-based licensing account
The product usage is provided on a pre-payment basis. To begin usage, You must purchase the subscription to the selected product from either the website or your account. The product usage is based on a post-payment basis. To begin the usage, You must register a server in Your account type.

You are obliged to pay the applicable license fees for the use of our Services as specified on our website or as communicated during the subscription process. TuxCare reserves the right to change the monthly or yearly payment amount and any other charges at any time with 60 days written notice to You. TuxCare is not responsible for any commission fees applied by Your bank and delays for refunds caused by the third party (banking system failure, etc.). TuxCare reserves the right to set up by default the Auto-Collection option for payments in Your account. You have the right to change/cancel this Auto-Collection option at any time at Your discretion by submitting a request to the Billing Department.

You are responsible for updating the payment information, as well as completing payments for outstanding invoices in a timely manner. Invoices are due when generated by TuxCare. If an invoice is past due for more than 30 days, Customers’ accounts will be locked and the Service(s) will be suspended until the unpaid amount is settled. Such accounts will be unlocked and the specific Service(s) will be unsuspended automatically once the unpaid amount is settled. If the invoice is past due for more than 90 days, TuxCare has the right to cancel the Customer’s account, along with the Service(s), and record the outstanding amount as debt that must be paid by the Customer in order to continue using TuxCare service(s) in the future.

TuxCare has the right to conduct an inventory of payments in relation to the performance of Your obligations pursuant to the Terms of Use. In the event of an underpayment, TuxCare has the right to issue an invoice for the underpayment amount with the prior notice to You. Such invoice should be paid within 15 calendar days after invoice date. If the invoice is past due for more than 10 days, TuxCare has the right to cancel Your account.




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