DatabaseCare is not simply a reduction in complexity or a simplification of processes

it’s a complete redefinition of how data security operations are executed, which eliminates waiting for maintenance windows.
Redefine data SecOps 

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How does DatabaseCare work?


Servers running the database connect to DatabaseCare ePortal (your secure copy of DatabaseCare patch repository


When a vulnerability is present on the database, 
the agent talks to the ePortal.


ePortal pulls the updates from the DatabaseCare main patch server through your firewall, keeping the infrastructure isolated from the outside world.


DatabaseCare agent momentarily freezes the processes in a ‘safe’ mode.


DatabaseCare applies the patch in memory. It all happens transparently to apps and users connected to the database and to the DB itself.

Wait, what if we have already implemented highly available database servers?

Our take on this – you shouldn’t rely on high availability for maintenance. But if you do, DatabaseCare helps with High Availability as you do not need to bring down any nodes just to deploy patches. There’s no need to migrate workloads or experience reduced service levels during the process.

Our customers

1,500+  enterprises, healthcare providers, government agencies, and universities trust TuxCare with their nearly 1M systems

Our customers


Affordably priced in principle, TuxCare also provides volume discounts to large enterprise Linux infrastructures.

Starting from


OSI / month
OSI - Operating System Image, including physical device, virtual machine or a public cloud instance.
* OSI – Operating System Image, including physical device, virtual machine or a public cloud instance

Reinvent database security updates.

Remove maintenance operations from the equation.

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