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Database Vulnerability Patching & Maintenance with DBCare

Automatically patch database vulnerabilities while your databases are live and running — no waiting for a maintenance window.

DBCare makes continuous database updates a reality.

DBCare keeps your applications running while your database backend is updated, enhancing database performance, reliability, Cybersecurity and compliance. DBCare is not simply a reduction in complexity or a simplification of processes, it’s a complete redefinition of how data Cybersecurity operations are executed, which eliminates waiting for maintenance windows.

How DBCare works

  • At preset intervals, an agent wakes up and checks for the existence of new updates for the running database.
  • When an update to address a new vulnerability is found, it is downloaded to the system.
  • The DBCare agent momentarily freezes the database processes in a ‘safe’ mode and applies the patch in memory.
  • Live Patching happens transparently to apps and users connected to the database and to the database itself. No connections are dropped or queries interrupted.
  • Updates can be stored in a local repository (called ePortal) inside your Cybersecurity perimeter and managed centrally. The protected systems do not need to have external network access.


  • The pricing is based on each use case. Contact us for a quote

TuxCare Live Patching Services Available
for All Major Linux Distributions

With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare, IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant, without service interruptions.

For a complete list of supported kernels and patches, visit this page

Live Patching Services from TuxCare

KernelCare Enterprise

Automated live patching for Linux kernels, with centralized management and common automation and vulnerability management tools integration.


Detects and patches shared libraries in-memory without disrupting the applications using them.

KernelCare IoT

Provides live patching for Linux kernels in IoT devices without disrupting ongoing processes and operations.


Protects enterprise virtualization stack with live patching that does not affect virtual machines or requires migrating them to other servers.

Add More Cybersecurity to your Enterprise
Infrastructure with other TuxCare solutions

Extended Lifecycle Support for Linux End of Life
Extended Lifecycle Support for Linux End of Life

Eliminate Cybersecurity vulnerabilities while running end of life Linux

Linux Support  Services
Linux Support

Keep all components of production Linux systems always up-to-date

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