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Happy Sysadmin Day from TuxCare!

July 30, 2021 - TuxCare PR Team

The last Friday of July is System Administrator Appreciation Day. It’s the one day when Sysadmins like you who have been putting out users’ fires since 1946 should get a break. All year, you have been the heroes, silently guarding companies of all shapes and sizes. Maintaining the five nines and tirelessly performing countless patching cycles. You’ve been responding to emergencies and cleaning up after your user’s mistakes. And you’ve been doing this day in, day out, often early in the morning, late at night and over the weekend when your users have been off enjoying themselves.

On this day, your users should show their appreciation for your efforts, showering you with gifts and compliments. Well, who knows, maybe this year is the year that it actually happens! Or at least they won’t be clamouring for you to fix the laptop they’ve just spilt their coffee over!

To celebrate this cause in 2021, TuxCare sponsored a free “10 Terrific Tools” eBook by ADMIN magazine. It was packed with actionable technical content to honour people like you on Sysadmin Day and included a new crop of tools and additional bonus content in the form of articles on topics of interest to the Sysadmin community. The eBook was downloaded over 300 times, plus the users also received a copy of TuxCare’s State of Enterprise Vulnerability and Patch Management Report.

Unfortunately, the eBook by ADMIN magazine is no longer available for download, as it was time-limited. But don’t despair – before you know it, another Sysadmin appreciation day comes along and we may also have something special then. In the meantime, you can still access our report and learn about key variations in vulnerability detection and management from industry to industry.

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