ClickCease Medibank Data Breach: Costs Soar to $80M Due To 2022 Incident

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Medibank Data Breach: Costs Soar to $80M Due To 2022 Incident

Wajahat Raja

September 4, 2023 - TuxCare expert team

In a huge blow to Medibank, the consequences of a data breach in 2022 have been long-lasting, with the health insurer expecting to spend roughly $35 million in 2024. The breach, which occurred last year, has already resulted in $46.4 million in charges for the fiscal year 2022-23, with forecasts showing that this figure might rise to an astounding $80 million by 2024.

Increasing Costs as a Result of the Data Breach


Medibank has incurred significant losses as a result of the cyber breach. The majority of the $46.4 million in non-recurring expenses can be ascribed to Medibank data security incident response activities and customer support facilitation. Looking ahead, the business anticipates allocating $30 million to $35 million in 2024. 

These funds will be used to improve IT security, manage legal concerns, and cover costs associated with regulatory inquiries and any legal action. It should be noted that these forecasts do not account for the financial consequences of prospective regulatory judgements or litigation outcomes.

Financial Prospects in the Face of Cybersecurity Incident Medibank


Despite the rising expenditures related to the cyber assault, Medibank maintains its healthy financial trajectory with this data breach response. The increase in health insurance subscriptions has resulted in increased profitability, as seen by a 9.0% increase in group operating profit to $647.5 million. 

While profit in the Medibank Health division fell by 2.9%, this was offset by a 9.8% increase in health insurance operating profit. The cyber breach occurred in October of the previous year, when fraudsters gained access to Medibank’s computers leading to healthcare data breach.

With customer information compromised; this incident exposed sensitive information belonging to 9.7 million current and former clients across Medibank and the My Home Hospital service. The Revil ransomware group is said to have stolen 200GB of data.


With data breaches come legal difficulties too. Aside from operational costs, Medibank is dealing with a host of data breach consequences. Legal class action lawsuits filed by law firms such as Baker & McKenzie and Slater & Gordon add to the financial burden. 

The aggregation of these actions in Federal Court shows the seriousness of the situation. Furthermore, shareholder class actions filed by Quinn Emanuel and Phi Finney McDonald loom on the horizon, possibly complicating the insurer’s legal situation.

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority intervened with a targeted technology evaluation, imposing a $250 million capital requirement on Medibank. Furthermore, the company has given $18.3 million in bank guarantees for various operational and legal requirements, including $10 million for self-insured workers’ compensation duties.



The Medibank security measures with the fallout from the 2022 data breach highlights the multiple issues that such breaches bring. The company’s financial environment has been clouded by rising costs, legal disputes, and regulatory expectations. While the road ahead may be intricate, the insurer remains steadfast in defending its position, ensuring future data breach prevention, and resolving these challenges while upholding operational integrity.

The sources for this piece include articles in IT News and Cyber Security Connect.

Medibank Data Breach: Costs Soar to $80M Due To 2022 Incident
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Medibank Data Breach: Costs Soar to $80M Due To 2022 Incident
Discover the aftermath of Medibank data breach as costs escalate to $80M. Learn about legal battles and regulatory scrutiny. Stay informed.
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