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New GNU Linux-libre 6.4 Kernel is Available to Download

Rohan Timalsina

July 5, 2023 - TuxCare expert team

The new release of the GNU Linux-libre 6.4 kernel has been made available by the GNU Linux-libre project. This latest version caters to individuals seeking absolute freedom for their GNU/Linux computers and software freedom enthusiasts.

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is based on the latest Linux 6.4 kernel, which was released last week. This release aims to eliminate any traces of proprietary code in newly added drivers. It achieves this by deblobbing the op-tee, rtl8710b, gcom cloud AI, and Bluetooth NXP protocol drivers.

Additionally, it cleans up blob names in gcom AArch64 DTS files and makes necessary adjustments to deblobbing for x86 microcode docs, x86 Android tablets, and QAT crypto drivers.


What is the GNU Linux-libre kernel?

GNU Linux-libre, a free version of the Linux kernel, eliminates non-free components from the kernel, such as non-free applications, non-free drivers, non-free blobs, and non-free programming platforms. This revamped version is suitable for free GNU/Linux distribution that does not include any proprietary software.


GNU Linux-libre Kernel: More Updates

Apart from removing proprietary elements, the GNU Linux-libre 6.4 kernel incorporates all the fresh features and enhancements in the upstream Linux 6.4 kernel series. However, it distinguishes itself by excluding non-free components present in the mainstream kernel.

Notable additions in Linux kernel 6.4 include support for IntelLAM, user trace events, improved Rust language support, LoongArch compatibility for the nolibc library, zoned block device support for the F2FS file system, RISC-V architecture enhancements, the introduction of the STACKLEAK security feature for the s390 (IBM System z) architecture, and much more.

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is tailored for those who desire to construct a GNU/Linux computer that operates solely on open-source software, devoid of any proprietary drivers on code. Enthusiasts of software freedom can readily download the GNU Linux-libre 6.4 kernel from the official website.



While the GNU Linux-libre kernel can be installed on almost any GNU/Linux distribution, the developers have further provided pre-built binary packages for Debian-based (DEB) and Red Hat-based (RPM) distributions. So, interested users can visit the Freesh project and RPM Freedom website for additional information.

With the release of the GNU Linux-libre 6.4 kernel, freedom-oriented GNU/Linux users can embrace a fully liberated computing experience, benefiting from the latest advancements in open-source technology without compromising their principles of software foundation.


The sources for this article include a story from 9to5Linux.

New GNU Linux-libre 6.4 Kernel is Available to Download
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New GNU Linux-libre 6.4 Kernel is Available to Download
The GNU Linux-libre project has released its new GNU Linux-libre 6.4 kernel based on the latest Linux kernel 6.4.
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