TuxCare has one goal:

To make open source Linux enterprise grade by automating, simplifying, and enhancing enterprise Linux operations.

The TuxCare Story

Continually increasing security, stability and availability of Linux servers and devices since 2009.

TuxCare team came a very long way from the first release of our first service – KernelCare – six years ago. Based on customer demand, we kept adding integrations to vulnerability scanners, reporting and automation tools, and an improved ePortal and called it KernelCare Enterprise. Then likewise we added live patching for shared libraries and called it KernelCare+. More recently we added extended lifecycle support services (ELS) services for CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6 and Ubuntu 16.04 and found there is a high affinity between our ELS services and the KernelCare products.

In 2021, we found ourselves on a path of rapidly expanding our capabilities in the form of live patching more critical Linux components (virtualization, databases) as well as our Linux Support Services for popular Linux distributions. We also saw a need to tie these components together with a configuration and patch management backplane.

Therefore it was time for us to create a more logical framework to house our expanding portfolio. While KernelCare has become a beloved brand, these days we do a lot more than just take care of the kernel. When we took a step back and thought about what we really do, at our core we make Linux more secure, stable, and reliable. We take care of Linux so that organizations can comfortably and affordably use Linux to support environments that require high levels of security, stability, and availability.

Welcome to TuxCare. Making open source Linux enterprise grade

Management Team

Igor Seletskiy

CEO and Founder

David Mello


Jim Jackson

President and CRO

Peter Bauert


Shazleen Sanders


Kim Sherman

VP of Marketing

Shazleen Sanders


Kim Sherman

VP of Marketing

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If you are passionate about new technology, then the TuxCare team is waiting for you!

TuxCare is a brand of CloudLinux Inc, the maker of the most secure and stable OS available for shared hosting providers. Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Igor Seletskiy, CloudLinux has set out on a mission to continually increase security, stability and availability of Linux servers and devices. Thousands of companies trust CloudLinux to power more than 20 million websites — and now you can trust KernelCare by CloudLinux to protect your Linux kernels.

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