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New Service Alert: TuxCare Technical Account Manager

Artem Karasev

June 29, 2023 - Senior Product Marketing Manager

Welcome back to TuxCare’s official blog! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new service that we’ve been working on diligently — our Technical Account Manager (TAM) service. This unique offering is designed to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving technology-driven landscape, ensuring seamless operations and optimized utilization of their TuxCare investments.


To put it simply, TuxCare’s TAMs are Linux security and TuxCare solutions experts that serve as your first point of contact and provide you with personalized, knowledgeable support when you need it most.


Let’s dive into what this service includes within its two-tier options. 


Unveiling the Two-Tier Service


In understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we have introduced two service tiers designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance across all TuxCare products:


  • Technical Account Manager (TAM) – Provides foundational guidance and can be shared between multiple clients, offering enhanced expertise, strategic planning, priority support, tailored security guidance, and knowledge transfer.


  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (DTAM) – A full-time role dedicated to a single organization, TuxCare’s DTAMs enable businesses to enjoy all the benefits of a TAM with an added layer of personalized attention and faster response times that are ideal for companies with complex requirements or those seeking more focused support.


So Why Invest in a Technical Account Manager?


Technical Account Managers are so much more than traditional customer service representatives. Instead, they act as strategic partners, fully immersing themselves in your team and your business, understanding your specific goals, and guiding you on how best to leverage technology to achieve these objectives.


By enlisting these services, you equip your business with the capability to confidently navigate the complexities of today’s IT environment. Your Technical Account Manager ensures that your technology stack is expertly configured to provide optimal security while customizing it to fit your unique business needs.


As a result, you can fully harness and unlock the potential of your TuxCare investments, ensuring they contribute maximally to your overall business success. This way, your Technical Account Manager becomes a key player in your strategic business journey.


Final Thoughts


Investing in Technical Account Management services is a strategic move that can transform your IT operations and significantly enhance your technology ROI. Whether you choose a shared Technical Account Manager or a Dedicated Technical Account Manager, the benefits of expert guidance can be game changing.


For more information on how the TuxCare Technical Account Manager service can benefit your business, contact your TuxCare representative or visit the service page

New Service Alert: TuxCare Technical Account Manager
Article Name
New Service Alert: TuxCare Technical Account Manager
Today, we're thrilled to introduce a brand-new service that we've been working on diligently — our Technical Account Manager (TAM) service.
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