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  1. Arm’s Mali GPU driver flaws remain unpatched on Android devices
    Despite fixes released by the chipmaker, a set of five medium-severity security flaws in Arm’s Mali GPU driver have remained unpatched on Android devices such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google for months. One of the five vulnerabilities causes kernel memory corruption, another exposes physical addresses, and three cause a physical page use-after-free condition, allowing […] read more
  2. Live Patching Integration into CI/CD Pipelines
    Continuous integration (CI) refers to testing code changes before deployment to production. Continuous delivery (CD) is where code changes are automatically deployed to production systems without manual intervention. Organizations can use these methodologies for system administration with live patch management. Understanding CI/CD Pipeline Development Continuous integrated and continuous delivered, commonly abbreviated to CI/CD, refers to […] read more
  3. RansomExx malware offers new features to bypass detection
    The APT group DefrayX has launched a new version of its RansomExx malware known as RansomExx2, a variant for Linux rewritten in the Rust programming language, possibly to avoid detection by antivirus software because Rust benefits from lower AV detection rates compared to those written in more common languages, according to IBM Security X-Force Threat […] read more
  4. What is the Gartner IIoT Framework?
    When it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the legacy Purdue model no longer provides adequate levels of security projection – as newer IIoT devices are added  to the model.  IIoT gateways, connections to external cloud analytics platforms, and 5G network connectivity extend more unique capabilities while possibly more exposure to cyber criminals […] read more
  5. DuckDuckGo launches beta version of App Tracking Protection tool
    DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, has added an App Tracking Protection tool to its Android app, allowing users to see what personal data trackers are typically attempting to collect before blocking them. The feature, which is currently in beta, prevents third-party trackers from being used across the user’s apps, even when they are not in […] read more
  6. Microsoft issues update to fix Kerberos sign-in failures
    A few days after Microsoft acknowledged problems with Kerberos authentication that affected Windows Servers with the Domain Controller role, causing domain user sign and Remote Desktop connections to fail, Microsoft released an emergency optional out-of-band (OOB) update. There out-of-band updates available are (KB5021652, KB5021653, KB5021654, KB5021655, KB5021656, and KB5021657), all of which must be installed […] read more
  7. Publicly exposed Amazon cloud service expose user data
    Thousands of databases hosted on Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service (RDS) have been discovered to be leaking personally identifiable information, potentially providing a gold mine for threat actors. The exposure is provided by Amazon RDS’s snapshot feature, which is used to backup the hosted databases. Users can use this feature to share public data […] read more
  8. Attackers leverage malicious python packages to spread W4SP Stealer
    Security researchers from Checkmarx have uncovered an ongoing supply chain attack that involves spreading the malware identified as W4SP Stealer. W4SP Stealer is a discord malware that grabs all the Discord accounts, passwords, crypto wallets, credit cards and other data on a victim’s PC and then sends them back to the attacker. W4SP Stealer is […] read more
  9. The Many Faces of Patching
    Keeping your systems up to date can be done in many different ways, each with its own pros and cons. Some so-called “patching” methods are not even patching at all. This is your one-stop guide to making sense of the different patching offerings out there. Patching is both an IT process as well as a […] read more
  10. Hackers exploit DLL hijacking flaw to distribute QBot malware
    Attackers are using phishing tactics to spread QBot, a Windows malware that started as a banking trojan but evolved into a full-featured malware dropper. According to security researchers at ProxyLife, the attackers are able to achieve their aims after exploiting a DLL hijacking flaw in the Windows 10 Control Panel. Initially, the attackers exploited a […] read more
  11. Why Are Operational Technology Devices No Longer Isolated?
    Gone are the days of Operational Technology (OT) being distinctly separated from IT. With the need of constant monitoring and tracking of the physical assets, OT has grown to be deeply connected to IT and – as a result – the rest of the internet. As OT and Industrial Control System (ICS) networks become more […] read more
  12. Apple patch iOS and macOS RCE vulnerabilities
    Apple has released security updates for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Ventura to fix two remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities that allow remote or Internet attackers to inject malicious code into affected devices. The publicly disclosed computer security vulnerabilities are listed in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database, which is designed to facilitate data sharing […] read more
  13. What are the Risks of Cybersecurity Automation?
    Cybersecurity professionals need to be aware of new threats and take action immediately so that we can minimize the risk of future incidents occurring. Much of this can be achieved with the right automation tools, and forward-thinking organizations have already put many of their cybersecurity workflows on autopilot. However, relying too much on cybersecurity automation […] read more
  14. Worok, the malware that hides in PNG image files
    Worok malware makes the rounds by deploying multi-level malware designed to steal data and compromise high-profile victims such as government entities in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Africa, while hiding portions of the final payload in simple PNG images without raising alarms. Worok probably uses DLL sideloading to execute the CLRLoader malware loader […] read more
  15. What is Linux Kernel Live Patching?
    Breakthroughs don’t often happen in cybersecurity, but when one does, it can be a real magic bullet.  Linux kernel live patching, which is the ability to apply a Linux kernel security patch to a live, running Linux kernel without rebooting, is one of those incredible cybersecurity breakthroughs that truly changed the game in the fight […] read more
  16. IceXLoader malware targets home and corporate users
    IceXLoader, an updated version of a malware loader, is suspected of infecting thousands of personal and enterprise Windows machines around the world. IceXLoader is a commercially available malware that costs $118 for a lifetime license in underground forums. It is mainly used to download and run additional malware on compromised computers. The malware strain was […] read more
  17. Patching Instead of Upgrading Legacy OT Devices?
    Operational technology (OT) is equipment and computer software used for analyzing utility control processes for critical infrastructure, while Industrial Control System (ICS) assets are the digital devices used in industrial processes. The connected nature of OT/ICS devices has – particularly recently – increased cybersecurity risk for the environments that utilize them. To strengthen the security […] read more
  18. Hackers exploit security flaw in Google Pixel lock screen
    A security researcher, David Schütz has received a $70,000 bug bounty after he accidentally discovered a Google Pixel lock-screen bypass hack that solved a serious security problem on all Pixel smartphones that could easily be exploited to unlock the devices. Schütz discovered the vulnerability, which allowed an attacker to unlock any Google Pixel phone without […] read more
  19. Securing the Linux Kernel Hiding Inside Your OT Hosts
    Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) technologies help ensure safety by monitoring and controlling critical operations. OT includes Supervisory Controls And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Controls Systems (DCS).  But these systems, including some unmanaged devices, will go for an extended period with no security updates over the concern of the device being […] read more
  20. Microsoft patches Windows 0-day vulnerabilities
    Microsoft has fixed six actively exploited Windows vulnerabilities and 68 vulnerabilities in its November 2022 Patch Tuesday. Eleven of the 68 vulnerabilities fixed are classified as “critical,” allowing privilege escalation, spoofing, or remote code execution, which is one of the most serious types of vulnerabilities. While 55 are classified as Important, two OpenSSL vulnerabilities are […] read more
  21. Live Patching vs Virtual Patching
    There are many different ways to improve upon traditional patching, so it’s easy to get confused about how each patching approach works. In the past, we’ve looked at traditional patching vs live patching, but we’ve also received questions about virtual patching and how it stacks up.  In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between […] read more
  22. OpenSSL vulnerability feared as “critical” is less serious than expected
    The long-awaited OpenSSL bug fixes to fix a critical severity security hole are available now. New OpenSSL patches have reduced the severity of the bug from critical to high. The Heartbleed bug was a data leak bug in OpenSSL that could be triggered by clients and random internet users against servers almost anywhere. OpenSSL 1.1.1 […] read more
  23. Researchers uncover 29 malicious PyPI packages targeting developers
    Threat actors are distributing malicious Python packages to the popular Python Package Index (PyPI) service, using authentic-sounding file names, and hidden imports to deceive developers and steal their data. The W4SP malware is a data-stealing Python package that is used to steal information. Stealer was discovered by the software supply chain firm Phylum and owned […] read more
  24. RomCom RAT operators disguise malware as legitimate programs
    RomCom, a threat actor, is said to be conducting a series of new attack campaigns using the brand power of SolarWinds, KeePass and PDF Technologies. It uses a RomCom RAT (remote access trojan) to update its attack vector and now distributes it through well-known software brands. Before graduating to Ukrainian military systems and English-speaking countries […] read more
  25. Cisco release security updates to fix severe vulnerabilities
    Cisco has released security updates to address two vulnerabilities that are classified as “high”: CVE-2022-20961 and CVE-2022-20956. The vulnerabilities affect the Cisco Identity Services Engine and could allow an attacker to conduct multiple malicious activities. CVE-2022-20961 has a severity score of 8.8 and was caused by inadequate CSRF protection for the web-based management interface of […] read more
  26. The Bugs Behind the Vulnerabilities Part 2
    Malware & Exploits TuxCare Blog News
    We continue to look at the code issues that cause the vulnerabilities impacting the IT world. In this installment of our five-part blog series exploring these bugs, we go through bugs #20 to #16 in the Mitre CWE Top 25 list for 2022 – providing context and additional information on the actual code problems that […] read more
  27. Researchers uncover similar tools between FIN7 and Black Basta ransomware
    According to security researchers from SentinelOne, the relatively new ransomware gang called Black Basta shares tooling and possibly personnel with the notorious FIN7 hacking group. The researchers were able to uncover a tool that was used by Black Basta ransomware operators to bypass endpoint detection and response systems. The malware used by Black Basta is […] read more
  28. Ksplice vs KernelCare Enterprise: Live Patching Comparison
    Not all Linux live patching solutions are created equal. In fact, many live patching solutions are quite limited. Oracle’s Ksplice is an example of a limited live patching tool, which only patches vulnerabilities for Oracle Linux. TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise, on the other hand, offers much more flexibility and a number of benefits you won’t find […] read more
  29. Researchers discover thousands of GitHub repositories with fake PoC exploits
    Researchers from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science have discovered thousands of repositories on GitHub that offer fake proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits for vulnerabilities and malware. Various malicious programs and malicious scripts from remote trojans to Cobalt Strike have been discovered by the researchers. More than 47,300 repositories displaying an exploit for a vulnerability discovered […] read more
  30. CISA Warns of New Malware Exploiting Known Kernel Vulnerabilities
    Last year, CISA created a list of vulnerabilities being actively exploited and a list of applications directly affected by those vulnerabilities. Over time, the list has been updated to reflect new and emerging threats. Very recently, a new malware was discovered and CISA added two new vulnerabilities to that list, as they are being actively […] read more
  31. Cranefly hackers exploit Microsoft IIS to deploy malware
    Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), a web server that enables hosting of websites and web applications, is being exploited by the Cranefly hacking group to deploy and control malware on infected devices. According to a report by cybersecurity firm Symantec, the hacking group exploits IIS technology to send commands to backdoor malware installed on the […] read more
  32. Embedded Linux: A Quick Beginner’s Guide
    What Is an Embedded System?   Before diving into embedded Linux, let’s first discuss what it’s used for: embedded systems. There are embedded systems in everything: consumer goods, industrial machinery, telecommunications equipment, and even medical devices. Embedded systems are all around us, performing a specific function in real-time. The complexity of embedded systems can vary, from […] read more
  33. Enterprises Reassessing the Cloud vs On-Premises
    The cloud has never been about reducing costs.  In fact, even staunch cloud advocates admit it – crunching the numbers just doesn’t make sense financially and it requires heavy mental gymnastics to make it so. But, as economic pressures shift, even heavily cloud-invested companies are rethinking their strategy and choosing to go back to on-premises […] read more
  34. Hackers use Clop ransomware to target organizations infected with Raspberry Robin worm
    A hacker group that is identified simply as DEV-0950 is using CIop ransomware to encrypt the network of organizations that were previously infected with the Raspberry Robin worm. Raspberry Robin is a Windows worm that spreads via a removable USB device. It uses the Windows installer to access QNAP associated domains and download a malicious […] read more
  35. Experts warn of potential critical bugs in OpenSSL
    Major operating system vendors, software publishers, email providers and technology companies that integrate OpenSSL into their products have been asked to prepare for a possible “critical” vulnerability in versions 3.0 and higher of almost all cryptographic library. OpenSSL is a software library for applications that protects communication over computer networks from eavesdropping or identifying the […] read more
  36. Researchers uncover “high-severity” GitHub vulnerability
    Researchers from the Checkmarx Supply Chain Security team have discovered a “high-severity” vulnerability in GitHub. Using a technique known as Repo jacking, attackers could take control of a GitHub repository by exploiting a logical “hidden” flaw in the architecture that makes renamed users vulnerable to attack. All usernames, including more than 10,000 packages on the […] read more
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